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Shiro Mori Timeline
【1975】with Frank Foster (sax) in NY
【1975】live with Steve Grossman (sax)
【1975】live with Joe Lee Wilson and Sal Randazzo at Ladies Fort
【1975】recording with Herbie Hancock
【1977】snap shot of Rising Sun Band
【1979】recording with Al Foster for the album, "Mr.Foster"
【1983】moved to Maui with his wife, Arja
【1986】Shiro's daughter, Nowa was born
【1990】concert tour in Italy with Emil Richards
【1990】concert with Jon Hendricks and his family
【1990~】many lives, gigs, and concerts with local jazz musicians
【1992】Shiro's first leader album, "Islands"
【1992】"Islands" was introduced in many Jazz-related magazines
【1992】Shiro was introduced in a Japanese magazine, "JazzLife"
【1996】Rising Sun Band, Aids Awareness Concert
【1998】Rising Sun Band Concert with Stanley Turrentine (sax)
【1999~】the annual JAWS JAZZ CONCERT with Hubert Laws (flute)
【2000】live with Branford Marsalis (trombone)
【2001】recording with Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki (bass) for the album, "Va Da Du?"
【2003~】the annual JAWS JAZZ CONCERT with Joe Lee Wilson (vo)
【2008】concert held at Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, featuring Bruce Hamada (bass)
【2009】Mt.Fuji Music Festival
【2009】Cecile Verny Quartet
【2009】 Teruo Nakamura Quarte at Century Court Marunouchi
【2010】a guitar concert with John Kolivas
【2010】New Year's Day Jazz Event
【2010】contemporary classical and jazz concert with Kelly Covington (vocal & flute)
【2012】First Annual Maui Jazz and Blues Festival with Les McCann, Javon Jackson and Delfeayo Marsalis
【2011】BB'70s live held in Tokyo.
【2012~】local jazz lives
【2012】jazz concert with Delfeayo Marsalis at Tsunami Club
【2012】concert with Emil Richards (vibe) at Maui Theatre
【2012】Second Maui Jazz & Blues Festival with Louis Hayes and Javon Jackson
【2013】Maui Blackie's Concert
【2013】Shiro Mori Quintet at Studio 909 in Honolulu
【2014】snap shot with Mickey Yoshino from GODAIGO
【2015】 live with local musicians at Fleetwood's
【2015】 Russell Malone visits Fleetwood's to join in the live
【2015】 last gig on Maui before leaving for Japan at Four Seasons Hotel
【2016】 BB'70s live in Tokyo

Shiro's Performances

Here are some of Shiro's past gigs, concerts & lives.


Jun Saito Birthday Live

BB'70s Live at Body&Soul in Aoyama, Tokyo.



Boston Jazz Festival was held in Yatsugatake, Nagano. The photo below was taken right after the concert with the musicians' friends and family.
BB'70s released their first album on this day.

*Check "Discography" for CD info.



Back on Maui to do a jazz live with local jazz musicians at Mulligun's in Wailea.


BB'70s live at TOKYO CLUB in Hongo and MUGEN in Ginza.


Four Seasons Hotel

Last gig on Maui before leaving for Japan.



HAND JIVE jazz live at Coffee Company in Wailuku.



Russell Malone visits Fleetwood's to join in the live.


Live at Fleetwood's, a club in Maui opened by the rock drummer, Mick Fleetwood.

*Check "Video Clip" to see the live.




BB'70s mini concert at Obsounds in Sangenchaya, Tokyo.


A snap shot with one of Berklee alumnis, Mickey Yoshino from GODAIGO.


Shiro Mori Quintet

Held at Studio 909 in Honolulu, Oahu.

The members include:
Shiro (guitar)
Darryl Pellegrini (drums)
Jim Howard (piano)
Bruce Hamada (bass)
Scott Villiger (reeds)


Maui Blackie's Event

The very last concert was organized by humble, loveable Blackie and Sara Gadarian.
Held at Alii Room, Royal Lahaina Resort in Kaanapali, Maui.



Anniversary party of restaurant, Pacific-O.
Shiro (guitar)
Gene Argel (keyboard)
Renato Guascone (drums)

The Second Maui Jazz and Blues Festival

Louis Hayes on drums and Javon Jackson on tenor sax.

*Check "Video Clip" to see the live.




Elizete Tokyo

*Check "Video Clip" to see the live.


Concert with Emil Richards (vibe) at Maui Theatre.



Jazz Concert at Grand Wailea Tsunami Club.
Performed with a Grammy Winner Trombone player, Delfeayo Marsalis.


A concert in Kauai, held together with Angie Benoit (vocal) and Phil Benoit (guitar).



A new band, BB'70s performed their first mini concert in Tokyo. BB'70s stand for "Boston Berklee 1970s."


The First Annual Maui Jazz and Blues Festival

Played together with:
Grammy Winner and Jazz Legend, Les McCann.

Grammy Nominated Saxophonist, Javon Jackson.

Multi-Grammy Award Winning Jazz Trombonist, Delfeayo Marsalis.

Maui Jazz Septet

A concert held at the Iao Theater with local jazz musicians.



Contemporary Classical & Jazz Concert was held with Kelly Covington on vocal and flute.


New Year's Day Jazz Event, held at Wailea Shopping Center.
Shiro (keyboard)
John Zangrando (horns)
Doug White (bass)
Paul Marchetti (drums)


Played together with the Quartet leader, John Kolivas.

Teruo Nakamura Quartet

Gig at Century Court Marunouchi in Tokyo.


Cecile Verny Quartet

Welcoming the great European musicians, played together at Mulligun's in Wailea.

Mt.Fuji Music Festival

Produced by Teruo Nakamura.
With the beautiful Mt.Fuji in the background, a jazz concert was held by many great musicians from the states.



Concert held at Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu.
Featuring Bruce Hamada, accompanied by the Honolulu Symphony.


(Photo Above)
Featuring Victor Jones (drums)

(Photo Below)
Featuring Joe Lee Wilson (vocal)




A session with Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki (bass) at GH-Nine, a jazz clube in Ueno, Tokyo.
They released their first duo album, "Va Da Du?"

*Check "Discography" for CD info.


A brief encounter with Branford Marsalis (trombone) in Maui.



AIDS Awareness Conert, held in Japan every year led by Teruo Nakamura & The Rising Sun Band.
Featuring Hubert Laws (flute).



Rising Sun Band Concert in Japan with the world-famous Stanley Turrentine.



The Rising Sun Band.
The AIDS Awareness Concert, sponsered by Japan Airlines.  


The first leader album by Shiro Mori, "Islands."
The music was composed to imagine "taking a vacation in Maui." The recording took place in NY, and the cover art was done by Shiro's friend, Mino Yamamoto as well as the back cover by his daughter, Nowa who was 6 years old at the time..

"Islands" was introduced in many Jazz-related magazines in Japan.

*Check "Discography" for CD info.



Shiro enjoys his life on Maui playing with his local jazz musician friends.
Some of the main places played were:
Casanova, Four Seasons Hotel, Grand Wailea, etc.



One of the best jazz vocalists, Jon Hendricks and his family played at Casanova's on Maui.


A tour concert in Italy with Emil Richards (vibes), who have performed together with many great musicians such as Frank Sinatra and Geroge Harrison.

*Check "Video Clip" to see the live.



Shiro and Arja have their first baby daughter, Nowa.
The night before she was born, Shiro was playing the drums as a sub for his drummer friend, feeling a bit anxious...



Live at Maui's one and only jazz club at the time, "Blackie's."

*Blackie's is no longer present.



After spending their 20s in NY, Shiro and his wife, Arja decides to make a big move to the island of Maui, Hawaii.



Performed with Al Foster to create their first album together, "Mr.Foster."

*Check "Discography" for more CD info.



Gathering of Rising Sun Band members. Taken at Teruo Nakamura's loft in downtown NY.



Checking the playback recorded together with Herbie Hancock.



A live together with "the pioneer of Loft-Jazz," Joe Lee Wilson.





A live with a long-time friend, Sal Randazzo (trombone) at Ladies Fort, opened in Village by Joe Lee Wilson. 


A live with one of the greatest sax players, Steve Grossman.



A gig with Frank Foster, a famous tenor sax player who composed the"Shiny Stockings."

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